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Seven strategies for Democracy in America

We are entering a period of Constitutional crises in the United States: Partisan gridlock, fake news, elite money dominating the election process, rage radio, etc. All of these are likely to get worse because our Founders, who wrote the Constitution in the 18th century, could not have anticipated our 21st century situation. Their structure makes for an ever poorer collective thinking process as we proceed forward.

The Wise Democracy strategy is a simple, safe fix to all of this. But this strategy doesn’t usually receive the attention it deserves. Probably because 1) People don’t think it can work. (It can.) And 2) They are holding onto other more “common sense” solution ideas, which really can’t work. Below is a chart to illustrate, to articulate and compare major, known solution strategies with the Wisdom Council Process.

In the pdf file the second page is meant to be printed on the back. It’s a chance for the reader to articulate his/her solution perspective: Chartof FixAmDemoc46

Chartof FixAmDemoc46