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Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Problems with “American democracy” are worsening ...

  • Americans are increasingly divided
  • Growing L-curve distribution of power
  • Disruption of the election process with ... fake news, rage radio, foreign manipulation
  • Lawmakers are stuck in gridlock
  • Declining trust in government
  • Declining spirit of community
  • Exploding national debt
  • Intractable wars
  • Special interests dominating the public interest
  • (you name it)
These problems are largely caused by our System
We (a few of us) can facilitate a transformation of our System so that we no longer generate these problems naturally.

What’s the Solution?
We need to facilitate all citizens to stop and think periodically ... to face these issues ... and to creatively determine answers that work for everyone. By itself, even before we come up with changed institutions, is a new system of thinking. It's a new system of democracy ... wise democracy. Plus we’re addressing the issues and achieving win/win breakthrough answers.

To facilitate this ongoing
We the People public conversation, it is helpful to understand the special nature of this conversation ... choice-creating ... and the special nature of facilitating it ... Dynamic Facilitation. These are vital components of Society's Breakthrough, the desired national transformation to “Wise democracy.” When all of us regularly come together as “We the People,” think through difficult issues and provide responsible direction to government, through just the process alone, we are solving ALL of the above issues. For example, of course this heals the partisan divide, breaks up the legislative gridlock and builds trust in government. And then on top of that we will be facing these issues and identifying win/win answers.

What's wrong with this solution? ... It's hard to find any risk. It's low cost. And it's accessible. Just by understanding the four social innovations ... with enough resources we (a few of us) can set the process in motion.

See this short (9 min) video on
Rebirth of We the People. ... from 1/25/17, just after the installation of Donald Trump as President. The talk is given to the Democrats of Spokane WA, but It could just as easily been given to the Republicans if Hillary Clinton had won.

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