Transforming Global Society -- e.g. Climate Change+

The Situation:
Most of us know that global society is on a path to ecological disaster. And mostly we remain in denial, pretending that our politics and economics drive us toward mindless growth of consumption and collective ineptitude. Climate change is just one symptom. How can the world come together to surmount this and other problems?

The Solution:
Obviously what's needed is ... for all the people to stop and think about what’s happening, to figure out together what we want, and to restructure our system of economics and politics so we don’t continue in this way. How to do this has been the problem. But actually achieving it may be surprisingly easy. Key is to recognize the kind of thinking required, what we call “choice-creating,” and to realize that we have the ability to facilitate choice-creating at large scale. The Wisdom Council process provides a way, for instance, to facilitate this coming together at the global level. (See the plan) While it’s difficult to identify a risk for this strategy the benefits are immense. They include:

  • Involving and empowering ordinary people ... in facing the big issues, in understanding our situation, in co-creating a shared vision of what "We" want, in designing a widely supported way to get there, and in working together to achieve it.
  • Establishing a new paradigm of thinking … where we all engage one another respectfully and creatively, providing responsible leadership to governments.
  • Providing a better way to resolve conflicts ... beyond wars, terrorism, etc.
  • Celebrating and supporting diversity ... where we overcome prejudice and build the spirit of global community.
  • Living by human values ... where trust and service to all become more important than profits and market share.
  • Dramatically improving the systems within which we live ... for instance, where our expenditures of money and energy on defense, education, health care, finance, taxes, and justice start to make sense.

1) Below is an informal 23 minute video ...“How to save the world ... fast and easy” plus 34 minutes of Q and A. The solution described is easier and faster than what most people think is realistic. This is an informal meeting of Jim Rough and Joe Shirley, co-developer "Why Feeling Matters" and author of "The Feeling Path."

2) Also see the 18 minute video ...
How to transform our society to be sustainable.

3) This is one strategy for saving society. When compared to other strategies, this one makes sense ... See
Schemas for Saving Society