Transforming Global Society

The Situation:
Most of us seem to know that our global society is unsustainable. Yet mostly we remain in denial about the extent of this issue---avoiding the obvious conclusion that our system is ultimately the cause. Climate change is just one symptom.

An Obvious Solution would be ...
For all the people in the world to stop, face these problems, think together creatively, co-create what we want, and work together. How to do this? ... At the Center for Wise Democracy we have a plan. It’s something that with adequate resources, you and I can facilitate. We don’t need anyone’s permission. And it’s safe. In fact, it’s really hard to find any risk to this project. And benefits are immense. The plan is articulated in this article from Spanda Journal, the issue on Collective Enlightenment. The article is “The ToBe Project: How we can facilitate a global ‘We the People’.

Other past descriptions include

1) An informal 23 minute video ...“How to save the world ... fast and easy” plus 34 minutes of Q and A. This is an informal meeting of Jim Rough with Joe Shirley, co-developer "Why Feeling Matters" and author of "The Feeling Path."

2) Also see the 18 minute video interview ...
How to transform our society to be sustainable.