Transforming Global Society

Most of us seem to know that human society is unsustainable, that our socio-political-economic system is the ultimate cause. As a result many problems seem unsolvable, like climate change, the L-curve distribution of wealth, and wars. But they are merely features of our inappropriate system.

One obvious strategy for system transformation would be ...
For all the people in the world to stop, face these problems together, co-create a shared vision of what we want, and to co-design a system that works. ... Actually, it’s easier than that. If we can just meet regularly and talk in this inclusive, heartfelt, creative way where we reach near unity, that’s enough. That’s is the system transformation that’s most needed, although “We the People” would certainly design, structure and lead new institutions as well.

At the Center for Wise Democracy we’ve developed a set of
social innovations that make all this possible. And we have a plan for how to proceed, which is described in this essay: “The ToBe Project: How we can facilitate a global ‘We the People’. We hope you will read the essay, find yourself becoming excited about the positive future that is possible, and support us in bringing forward The ToBe Project.

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