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Transforming Global Society

Most of us seem to know ... that human society is unsustainable and that our socio-political-economic system is causing great harm. See for example, “The 12 Threats to Human Civilization, Ranked.” It may seem like these threats are intractable, that “we can’t do anything about them.” But we can.

At the Center for Wise Democracy we have a strategy in mind ...
Our plan is described in the essay ... “
The ToBe Project: How we can facilitate a global ‘We the People.” This strategy is entirely safe and non-coercive. It involves eight steps, each of which is of great benefit. So, even if the claimed transformation from all the steps doesn't happen ... nothing is lost and much is gained. Hopefully, you will read the essay, find yourself becoming excited about this strategy, and support this to happen in whatever way you can.

Also, these links may be of interest:

1) Chart comparing six available solution strategies to what we propose:
7 Strategies to solve climate change

2) An 18 min video interview ... How to transform our society to be sustainable with Jim Rough

Spanda Journal article ... “The ToBe Project: How we can facilitate a global We the People” —This is an earlier version of the essay mentioned earlier, but with an eye toward “Collective Consciousness” rather than toward global governance.

Below is an informal 23 minute video ...“How to save the world ... fast and easy” plus 34 minutes of Q and A. Jim Rough is visiting with Joe Shirley, co-developer "Why Feeling Matters" and author of "The Feeling Path."