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How to solve climate change — 7 strategies

People often express fear, frustration and depression about the issue of climate change, and the prospects for solving other impossible-seeming global problems. They seem to understand that success depends on all the world’s people and nations working together, yet they also seem to have ruled out that possibility. Instead they seem to pin their hopes on some smaller piece. For instance, they might say, “Technology will fix our problems," or “We just need to make people aware,” or "I'll just do what I can and if everyone does the same that’s all we can do.” Plus, often others will say in a cheerleading kind of way, “It’s coming together. It’s already happening.”

No. Below are described the most commonly held solution strategies along with the Wise Democracy strategy. We offer a safe, effective and accessible way to facilitate the world’s people to come together. This strategy opens the door so that the other six strategies can work.

Here is the pdf file: Chartof Climate Strategy10

Chartof Climate Strategy10