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Going Forward ... The ToBe Project

For our world to become sustainable ... we need a different collective thinking process. Most important is that we periodically stop and reflect together about what's happening. In those "times out" we need to face our civilization-threatening problems and creatively co-determine win/win answers. Then we can call “time in” and start implementing our shared vision. This stop and think process is called ... a “ToBe.” Key in this, is for us to make sure that the thinking process is “choice-creating,” not “decision-making.” (See the chart describing the difference between decision-making and choice-creating. )

Dynamic Facilitation we can reliably evoke choice-creating. And we can evoke it in large systems of people, like society, using the Wisdom Council Process.

The ToBe Project is a structuring of this “stop and think” process into each level of society. Over the past 24 years we’ve been experimenting at local levels ... in schools, cities, organizations, communities, conferences, states, etc. But while each experiment has worked within it’s pre-established boundaries, what’s really needed is a global Wisdom Council Process. We need to "stop and think" about how our global economic institutions are destroying the ability of our planet to sustain human civilization. And we need to start managing our planetary resources intelligently. The Wisdom Council Process can facilitate us to do this.

The ToBe Project will establish and support system-wide Wisdom Councils at all levels of society:

  1. At the Global level
  2. At the national level
  3. At the state and regional level
  4. At the local level
  5. Within organizations that aspire to be democratic (e.g. Labor unions, Cooperative businesses)
  6. Within professional disciplines (eg. educators, health care professionals, conflict resolution specialists, jurists, etc.)
  7. Helping professional disciplines see how their discipline can be transformed by reliable access to the choice-creating spirit of people