Strategy for going forward

Here are some strategic conclusions we’ve reached ...

  • Choice-creating is the “magic sauce,” which allows us to solve impossible-seeming problems.
  • Dynamic Facilitation can reliably evoke choice-creating.
  • At one level the Wisdom Council can facilitate the people of a system to create a voice of “the public interest” and help solve difficult issues.
  • When used in an ongoing way that involves many people from the system, the Wisdom Council Process can facilitate the people of a system to come together as “We the People.” This represents a systems transformation toward “Wise Democracy.”
  • A small group of people who have adequate resources (money, media access, connections, etc.) can begin this process.

At what level do we put our energy? ... community? city? state? national? global? ... Problems arise at different levels. For example ... the demonstrations at Standing Rock are against the prospect of oil spills (regional issue) as well as reliance on CO2 and its impact on climate change (global issue), plus breaking the treaties (national issue). The Wisdom Council process can work at each different level.