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German Ministry for the Environment

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB) developed The Integrated Environmental Plan 2030 (IUP). The challenge was to determine policies that promote an ecologically viable and sustainable future. For this process they involved the public by organizing 6 Wisdom Councils (Bürgerräte) and 6 public evening events called Environmental Forums in which the Wisdom Councils presented their findings, which were further elaborated in a larger group of people. The results are summoned in the report called The Integrated Environmental Plan 2030. This short English video covers the overall process including the Online Council and the Online Environmental Forum.

Civic Council Project 2016 - German Ministry for the Environment - BMUB from Martin Rausch on Vimeo.

The original site for all materials in German is:
The video in English was created by Martin Rausch. The official Youtube Link to the German version of the film:

Process Designers were: Nonno Breuss and Dorothee Schäfer - and Julia Fielitz from Zebralog - The Wisdom Council (Bürgerrät) process and facilitation method "Dynamic Facilitation" were originated by Jim Rough, Center for Wise Democracy, USA - and pioneered by the Office of Future Related Issues, a department of the state of Vorarlberg in Austria. under the leadership of Dr. Manfred Hellrigl.