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Asheville Wise Democracy hosted a Wisdom Council

A citizen group hosted the first Wisdom Council in Asheville NC

On October 10 and 11, 2014 eight random citizens from Bonhomie County came together to address the issue of what’s most pressing in the community. The group determined that “our social contract is broken.” And they considered ways to reestablish the kind of government and local society that we all want to live in. This process was filmed for a documentary to be developed later [see the trailer for the Blindspot]. On Oct 14th 2014 (It was a really stormy night.), the Wisdom Council participants shared their work in a public gathering. [See the news article]


Video clips of Wisdom Council participants ...

Before this Wisdom Council were some preliminary events:

• Ruth Backstrom, co-founder of Solution Generator's Network from Durham, gave a talk about Community Wisdom Councils on Oct 1.
• The
Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council seminar was held, Oct. 6-8, 2014.
• Also Oc 6-9 was a Wisdom Council seminar, where all watched and discussed the event on closed circuit TV.
• Now there is an
active group practicing Dynamic Facilitation and planning new Wisdom Councils