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Rogue Valley Wisdom Council

We the People parade
In 2003 three citizens in the Rogue Valley of Oregon — Lance Bisaccia, David Wick, and Karen Gossetti —heard Jeff Golden interview Jim Rough on the local NPR radio station about the Wisdom Council process. Excitedly they contacted Jim who helped them to connect with one another. The three met and chose to convene a Wisdom Council in the local county. … This one citizen-driven experiment with the Wisdom Council in 2003 has had many ramifications. Joseph McCormick, a former Republican politician from Georgia was preparing a video documentary on "Democracy in America" heard about the experiment and drove across the country to video it. His 20 minute documentary, which focuses on the Wisdom Council is shown below.

In 2010, seven years later Joseph met with Jim and Jean Rough and DeAnna Martin and described the long-term impact of the Rogue Valley Wisdom Council on governance in Ashland OR and on his personal journey.

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