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For seekers of society-wide change ...

How well is our socio-political-economic system doing? Does it ...

  • Facilitate us toward collective wisdom … or collective stupidity?
  • Distribute wealth fairly … or in a “curve” shaped like an L?
  • Help us achieve peace … or promote war?
  • Help us responsibly manage our planet's resources … or trash the planet?
  • Evoke the best from our people … or subvert their creative passion to commercial ends?
  • Promote individual freedom … or encourage ever more government and corporate intrusion and coercion?
  • Involve all of us in addressing the big issues in society … or just the elite? ... or are we just on auto--pilot?
  • Promote spirituality, community, family and human values … or winning commodities in a money-based competition?

Let’s face it ... our system is performing horribly. Yet despite this, people mostly assume our system is the best that's possible. They hold onto this idea hoping that education, different laws, eliminating the terrorists, or electing new leaders will make the needed difference. Others speak hopefully of an upcoming collapse in society, presuming this will allow for deep positive change. But none of these different schemas for saving society are adequate.

So what to do? ... What’s needed is for all the people to come together in a new conversation where "We the People” face our pressing issues and co-create intelligent choices. You and I can facilitate this transformation using the Wisdom Council process. When applied globally and nationally we call this “Society’s Breakthrough.” One strategy is for us to independently establish a global Wisdom Council on issues like climate change. And a national Wisdom Council on issues like “Institutional Racism” or “Healing the Partisan Divide.” Also Wisdom Councils can provide breakthrough progress on high profile state-wide issues like education or restructuring taxes.

Below is a recent talk (27.5 min) by Jim Rough to retirees of Simpson Timber Co. on “Step Back ... So We the People can solve society’s problems“, Sept 12, 2017

Also here is a 7 min video describing how activists in the UK might act to establish a national constitution: