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How government leaders can involve citizens to solve hot issues

Through the Wisdom Council Process government leaders can efficiently and inexpensively

  • Solve difficult conflicted public issues (e.g. Controversial public project, Healing polarization; Funding Education, etc.)
  • Involve and educate mainstream citizens
  • Transcend partisan battling
  • Overcome special interest domination
  • Heal longstanding conflict
  • Build trust in government ... by solving the underlying issues
  • Build shared vision and values
  • Improve government effectiveness
  • Build the spirit of community … where people appreciate and value differences
Video example #1 -- Vorarlberg Austria
Check out this 10 minute excerpt from a talk in Sweden by Dr. Manfred Hellrigl, Director of the Office of Future Related Issues, Vorarlberg Austria, where he describes the experience of his organization with the Wisdom Council: "From Consumers to Citizens".

Here is the link to entire 55 minute presentation, where Dr. Hellrigl describes the experience his department in building ever greater citizen involvement:
To help others become aware of the Wisdom Council process, the Vorarlberg government sponsored two conferences on “Surfing Democracy.”
Video example #2 -- Salzburg Austria
In this more recent video conversation between Jim Rough and Joseph
Hörmandinger, staff to the Salzburg Parliament, talk about how “Using the Wisdom Council to Reform Democracy”. ... and Heal Polarization.

One simple low-risk strategy to get started

One simple, low-risk, low-cost strategy for government leaders to spark “Community Democracy” [see the flier] is to convene a public seminar on Dynamic Facilitation and The Wisdom Council in your local area. This way ... community leaders and government leaders can learn the new leadership skills together, work on community issues, become a community of practice afterward, and consider convening a Wisdom Council process.


The Wisdom Council Process (WCP) can also be used within government to improve quality and trust.
  • Employees within the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture initiated the Wisdom Council Process throughout their department to enable substantive change, bringing new levels of community-spirit to the organization including both sides of the mountains.
  • The Director of the State Department of Licensing used a Creative Insight Council to involve thousands of employees in developing the mission for the department.