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Comparing Society’s Breakthrough 2002 vs. 2016

When the book “Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People” was published in 2002 we thought that a U.S. Constitutional Amendment was required to achieve all the benefits. However since then, many experiments with the idea of the book, the Wisdom Council, have taken place. They have shown that 1) the book was right!” ... e.g. practically all of the problems of society arise from “our system” and the Wisdom Council process can be safely used to transform “the system” to heal those problems; and 2) this transformation is far more accessible than we thought. Although it would be nice to have, we don’t need an Amendment to realize these benefits. With adequate money and media we can just do it. See the chart describing how our understandings of Society’s Breakthrough have changed. Click here for the pdf file: Chartof two SB's.12

Chartof two SB's.12