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Charts of comparison

  • Choice-creating vs. Dialog vs. Deliberation ... Often when talking about improving democracy people use the terms “dialogue” and “deliberation.” But we’re saying that the key to radically improving democracy is to recognize a third form of talking: choice-creating.
  • Society’s Breakthrough! ... in 2002 vs. in 2016 ... Society’s Breakthrough is a high-leverage strategy for transforming our unsustainable society into something that works. This concept has evolved to be even more powerful and more accessible since its first publication in 2002.
  • Decision-making vs. Choice-creating ... Most people think of governance as being about collective “decision-making.” We are saying that the key to achieving true democracy is to realize how “choice-creating” is practically an opposite way to reach conclusions.”
  • Three kinds of decision ... How does a group of people make a democratic choice? Three possible ways are: 1) “voting” 2) consensus and 3) co-sensing.
  • Three ways to engage the public ... Three different approaches for public engagement are examined. One is based in dialogue, another in deliberation, and the third in choice-creating.
  • Comparing Schemas for Saving Society ... People often hold onto some hidden solution strategy that protects them from fully experiencing the fear and dread, which comes when we realize that our society is unsustainable. Six common solution schema's are identified, plus one more which offers legitimate hope.
  • Comparing Dynamic Facilitation with Traditional Facilitation ... This chart describes the difference between Dynamic Facilitation and Traditional forms of facilitation.