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What is Society's Breakthrough?

“Society’s Breakthrough” is the application of the Wisdom Council process to society, nationally and/or globally. One huge difficulty in making change is how our our national/global system often prevents it. So we may seek to overcome the partisan divide through dialogue, for example, but actually that divide is built in to our system. Setting up voting as our collective decision-making process, where the winner takes all, assures a partisan battle. To really solve this issue and many others, we must transform the system. The Wisdom Council Process offers a safe way to do this at the national level ... and at the global level.

Originally this approach was brought forth in the book “
Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People”(2002), which suggests that a U.S. Constitutional Amendment is needed to spark societal transformation at the national/global levels. However through experiments we now know: 1) that the Wisdom Council Process is powerful enough to spark the change without needing a U.S. Constitutional Amendment. Plus 2) with enough media and resources we can just do it. We don't need anyone's permission to set it up. See a chart describing what we’ve learned since the book Society’s Breakthrough was published in 2002.

Below is a 16 minute interview by Matt and Valentina Aversano-Dearborn ... How to Transform our Society to Be Sustainable.

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