What is a ToBe?

To take a ToBe is to take a “time out” from normal life to identify, face and creatively solve our biggest issues. It’s a mental “shifting of gears,” maybe for just 1% of the time, away from decision-making to choice-creating. (See the chart of comparison between decision-making and choice-creating)

The idea of taking a “time out” from normal life is an old one. It happens in different ways—meditation, retreats, religious services, the sabbath, vacations; recreation, prayer, etc. A ToBe is a particular kind of “time out” where we shift our thinking to choice-creating. We check in with our feelings to discover what issue is most pressing, even though it may seem impossible to address, and we face it creatively. But we only do so for a short time. Then it’s “time in” and back to normal. But actually there’s no normal anymore since this process transforms us and our situation to something new. Using it we can solve those impossible-seeming issues.

When ToBe’s are taken regularly, this kind of “
Time Out” results in a new level of BEing. It’s a way To Be. ... For instance in the United States, it’s a way that the citizens can come together as “We the People,” an entity powerful enough to reshape our 18th century system for the 21st century. And even if we choose to not make any changes, it’s still a transformation of our system because We the People of today are taking charge nonetheless. These regularly structured ToBe's facilitate us to a new level of consciousness, where we are ultimately in charge.

This system transformation is illustrated in the chart below

ToBe Illustration