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Wise Democracy Social Innovations

The Social Innovations ...

  1. Choice-creating is the essential quality of thinking needed for real democracy to exist. It’s the kind of thinking when we face an impossible-seeming issue and rise to the occasion to overcome it.
  2. Dynamic Facilitation is a way to reliably evoke choice-creating in small groups, to help them face impossible-seeming issues and achieve breakthrough progress. And to reach win/win unity.
  3. The Wisdom Council Process provides a way to enlarge the scope of Dynamic Facilitation ... to facilitate all the people of a large system into a choice-creating public conversation. This provides a way that “We the People” of a nation, for example, can resolve Constitutional crises.
  4. The ToBe Process ... is where we step back to think in the spirit of choice-creating. It’s a short interlude, like a “time out,” where we face our most pressing issue and reach a new level of unity and clarity. And then it’s “time in.” If we stop to think in this way on a regular basis, it sparks a new level of consciousness.