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What is choice-creating?

Choice-creating is a heartfelt, creative mode of thinking where people address important impossible-seeming issues and achieve breakthrough progress. It often arises naturally in a crisis when normal thinking can’t work Then people may put aside their roles and attachments to say what they really think. Judgment is put aside allowing people’s feelings more room to roam. People creatively seek answers that work for everyone, and for the situation ... like for future generations. Paradoxically as become because more authentic and unique, group unity arises. This unity occurs through shifts and breakthroughs more than through compromising.

Choice-creating is like decision-making because in each case a group knows what to do. But the thinking process is opposite. Judgement is primary for decision-making, as in voting. But creativity is primary with choice-creating. In this case people step back from normal life, drop their roles and figure out what works for everyone. Both thinking processes are necessary for democracy to exist. Choice-creating should be primary because it is the thinking process required for “We the People” to act responsibly in setting up the system at each level of society—community, city, nation, etc. "We the People" should ultimately provide responsible overall direction to the decision-making process. (See the chart contrasting decision-making and choice-creating)

Dynamic Facilitation can reliably evoke choice-creating in small groups. The Wisdom Council Process and the Creative Insight Council can evoke the spirit of choice-creating in large systems of people.

  Elements of choice-creating include ...

  • Facing a vital issue … rather than one we can solve that’s clearly defined
  • Speaking with feeling … it's not about being objective or neutral
  • Progress happening through shifts and breakthroughs ... it’s not a step by step process
  • “Creating the choice" ... rather than "making the decision"
  • People being authentic ... rather than holding onto roles and following guidelines
  • The space is safe from judgment … rather than agreeing & disagreeing
  • Following the energy … rather than an agenda (e.g. jumping to solutions is OK)
  • Diversity is an asset … rather than people find themselves valuing different people and views

Some of the OUTCOMES of choice-creating include ...

  • A unanimous group conclusion …“co-sensus” more than “consensus”
  • A "choice" … more than a "decision"
  • Empowerment … people own the issue and feel the energy to take it forward
  • New meaning …  people create a story of what we are accomplishing
  • Spirit of “we” … people come together as “We the People”
  • Enhanced individuality ... people become more knowledgable, capable, and unique

More Resources on Choice-creating ...

See a video interview interview from 2007 on Choice-creating, with guest host Paul Everett